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Roy’s Hobby Shop FINAL Clearance Sale

By Appointment Only


If you are interested in attending the Final Sale to clearance the remaining inventory of Roy’s Hobby Shop, here is your chance.

There is still a LOT of relevant inventory at the store both for cars and airplanes that needs to go!

Everything will be sold at or below cost. DO NOT INSULT ME BY HAGGLING. If you don’t want it for the price I am offering, then move on to the next item or leave!

Here’s how this is going to work, for better or for worse…

You will need to email me at closingsale@royshobby.com and include your name and your texting phone number and AMA number if you have one. I will send you a confirmation email reply letting you know that I have received your email… Your email confirmation will reserve you a one-hour appointment in the store on a designated date and time to be determined later by “lottery”. If you don't have a texting phone, let me know that also, and I will call instead. If you don't have email, and can text me instead, please do so to 972-468-1657. I will send the same confirmation to your phone. If you can't do either find a friend to go with!
On February 28th, I will compile all the messages I have received up to that point and put all the names in a lottery bowl to pick for each of the 7 slots per day. At some point on March 1, I will then text you the date and time slot you drew. You will have 10 minutes to confirm or decline. If you decline the date and time or miss the 10-minute reply window, your name will be put back in the bowl. You will be allowed ONLY 2 declines so use them wisely! There is no use in just showing up at the store as you will not be allowed in without an appointment. The text will come from the phone number 972-468-1657, so be sure to be on the lookout a text from that number.
Each appointment will last only 60 minutes, and you can bring 2 friends with you. Your 2 friends MUST be present and ready to walk into the store with you at the time of the appointment. The door WILL be locked until you are ready to leave, or your appointment time is up. Before the end of your hour, you must have everything rang up on the computer and paid for because the next appointment will be let in and you will be ushered out. If you are a no show to your appointment you will lose your spot. If you are late to your appointment, you will sacrifice that late time as you will still be expected to leave the store by the end of your appointment time.

Masks will be mandatory, and you will be required to wear it properly. No exceptions! If you can’t wear a mask, you can’t enter the store. If you need to be reminded a second time to wear your mask over your nose and mouth, you will be asked to leave and will not be able to pay for what you have picked out thus far. The mask BS we received from many customers is the reason I had had enough and closed the store to begin with. I am NOT screwing around with mask issues. Either you respect me and my family enough to wear a mask as I ask, or you don’t come in. Period...

Please also note the following: